Michael Conroy - KODA RECORDING Live tonight from 6pm-8pm

Live tonight from 6pm-8pm. First hour is my live set from Spring Break Amsterdam Festival at @ClubNYX main room. Second hour is the producer set guest mix from Haydon Eccles.

Michael Conroy - Micon UK - Convinced

Haydon Eccles

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ConVinced - Its Going Down

Cass Fox - Touch Me (Michael Conroy & T1A Remix)

ConVinced - Big Love

Indigo - Neighbourhood (Michael Conroy & T1A Remix)

Nadia Lucy ft. Aziza - Thats The Kind Of Love (Michael Conroy & T1A Remix)

Culture Club - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (Michael Conroy & T1A Remix)

Michael Conroy & T1A - Faith Believe Tia Rennie

Michael Conroy - Dam Square

Michael Conroy - Hold My Body

Michael Conroy - Scream

Michael Conroy - Is This Your First Time

Michael Conroy - Provocative (Michael Conroy “sugar is sweeter” Bootleg)

MiCON - The Gate

TomCole - What You Want (Michael Conroy Remix)

Guest mix - Haydon Eccles

1. Michael Conroy & T1A - Faith Believe (Haydon Eccles Remix)

2. Haydon Eccles & Calvert - Versatile (Original Mix) James Calvert

3. Haydon Eccles - Bang Bang (Original Mix)

4. Haydon Eccles - Paradox (Original Mix)

5. Haydon Eccles & Lewis Roper - Ping Pong (Original Mix)

6. Haydon Eccles - Paragon (Original Mix)

7. Haydon Eccles - It’s House Music (Original Mix)

8. Haydon Eccles - Fuck People (Original Mix)

9. Haydon Eccles & Calvert - Ragga (Original Mix)

10. Haydon Eccles - Split (Original Mix)

11. Haydon Eccles - Can’t Move (Original Mix)